Arkahdia Arts

focuses on plaster statues, columns, corbels, busts and all forms of Plastercraft.  

A New Yorker has started a studio dedicated to casting these pieces of Art. By focusing the business on two goals; (1) to save pieces which have been produced in another medium in bygone times, and (2) to bring new artist's work to the public. 

The product lines have prospered, delighted and excited many over the years. Now we are happy to say we are available outside the Tristate area. 

Now all of Arkahdia Arts' 3000 plaster statues and columns have become available Nationally and Internationally On-line through our Master Distributor
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Coming soon:

A list of sources for our finished pieces.

Online trade directory

Rental information.

Samples of our product in use in real world.

Information on use of our products in different industries.
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